our history


Established in 1901 Guarantee is an independently owned Company based in Dorset.  We have built our reputation on providing a high quality and reliable service.

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Business Care


Delivering value to our customers in the most effective and efficient way possible is fundamental to us. The continual support, trust and loyalty granted by our customers are what made us successful over the years. The only way for us to secure the confidence with our customers is by offering the very best products at the very best prices, which in turn helps to improve their appeal  to both staff and visitors.

Our accumulated knowledge and experience in laundering over the past one hundred years have positioned us as a leader in our field when it comes to delivering unsurpassed value to our customers across several industries.

To best serve our customers, we capitalize on our competence and knowledge which we have gained from being in business for over 100 years, as well as working with our customers to improve and upgrade our services.   


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Business Ethics

Our continued growth is testimony to the fact that for more than one hundred years Guarantee services and staff have been trusted by our cutomers and suppliers.


This trust is built on issues such as quality, knowledge and dependability, but equally it rests on the honesty and integrity with which our staff conduct Guarantee business. This is part of who we are as a company, and is reflected in our values: empowerment, high ethics, openess and teamwork.


Our business ethics are summarised with two key points;

  • We demand honesty and integrity in all our parts of activities and expect the same from all parties with whom we have any business relationship.
  • We support transparency and openess.


We have systems and audit procedures in place which allow us to systematically verify that these requirements are being followed, and when problems do arise, that they are dealt with appropriately.

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Environmental Care (ISO 14001)

Understanding and acting on our impact


Everything we do has an impact on the environment – from the materials used by our suppliers, along with the amount and type of energy used to make our products, to the way we transport them to our customers; and the way our products are disposed of at the end of their useful life.

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Employee Care

The unique strength of the company is the ability to combine our years of knowledge and experience with understanding and appreciation of customer needs; where our employees work together to serve our customers.


Guarantee has a high staff retention rate and it is not unusual to meet employees that have been with the company for decades. Many view the company as part of their family where their grandparents, parents, siblings or spouse are working or have worked for the company.


One of the reasons this is so, may be the fact that we offer personal learning and development opportunities to our employees. Numerous members have started work with Guarantee from school and have progressed through the company to become a valued member of an empowered team.

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What Our Customers Say