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Food Trade Compliant Garment Services

A range of high risk and low risk polycotton food trade coats, coveralls, jackets, bakers tops and trousers in an assortment of colours which can be individually polywrapped to meet HACCP requirements.


As part of our workwear laundry services we can also supply a range of chef’s jackets, aprons and protective head-wear.


For high risk garments we undertake thermal disinfection and have a dedicated clean room where the garments are packed and stored.

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Food Trade Clothing Range

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As part of your workwear rental service we can also provide you with dust control mats and washroom services. 


Dust control mats retain the dirt particles thus preventing the spread throughout the building. Dust control mats are also ideal for industrial use and have anti fatigue properties which are perfect around workstations. 


Our washroom services range from cabinet towels to soap dispensers and feminine hygiene units.