11 Jan New Technology

New Technology


Here at Guarantee, we are excited to see our “new toy” the Ozone Technology in action!

We have recently had the Ozone Technology by Laundry Efficiency, installed into our Corsham Site. Using just electricity and oxygen, the Ozone system is cutting edge technology that reduces the chemical usage of washing and uses less water and energy in each cycle, we are excited to see both the changes and benefits that it will bring, not only to us, but our customers also.

The benefits we will potentially see are:

  • Product quality will be maintained.
  • Reduces the rewashing of stained items.
  • Washing and drying times will be reduced.
  • Energy and chemical consumption will be reduced – we will become more environmentally friendly as a result.
  • The brightness and life span of the linen will be greatly improved.
  • Linen has been said to feel softer and smell fresher.

For more information please visit www.laundryefficiency.co.uk