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For a Complete Range of Workwear Garments & Industrial Laundry Services
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Our Workwear Products & Services

Guarantee Laundries provides workwear rental and industrial laundry services to all sectors.

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Why Choose Us

Our service of supply, collection and workwear laundry services meets the highest quality and hygiene standards to protect your staff and customers.

ISO 9001, 14001: 2015 Certified, HAACCP Certification, High-care, Thermal Disinfection, Poly-wrapped, bar-code tracking, locker service
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First-Class Industrial Laundry and Workwear Garment Hire Service

We always use the latest technology and employ the best people, building a reputation for providing an industrial laundry and workwear rental service that is flexible and tailored to each customers needs.

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What Our Customers Say

Maintaining close contact with our customers is important to us. It enables us to provide you with an exceptional workwear rental and industrial laundry service and to understand your ongoing requirements.

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The Area We Cover

This map is for workwear rental laundry services only, to discuss an area that is not covered or for more information on the Linen coverage please contact us.

Workwear Area Map
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